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What do we want? CHANGE! When do we want it? NOW!

Posted by ajspage on November 7, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

Here’s the change I can believe in–

MEDICARE FOR ALL.  (Let people opt out and keep their private insurance if they want.  But the government should no longer subsidize private insurance through tax exemptions for policyholders and insurance companies.  And insurance companies should have to pay fees to support the regulatory structure necessary to keep them from shaking down their policyholders.  That just has to stop.)

I voted for CHANGE, not this CHUMP CHANGE Congress is passing as “reform”.


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Letter to President Obama: I don’t want private insurance!

Posted by ajspage on August 21, 2009

Note:  The following is an actual letter and is NOT satire.

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

I voted for you, even in the primaries, because I believed you had the best chance of putting our country on a new track, especially with healthcare.  I am writing to urge you, even while you bend over backwards to court Republicans, to remember to dance with the one that brung you.

Using a “public option” as a way to use competition to bring the insurance companies in line and bring down costs is idealistic foolishness.  I say this as someone who once proposed something like this to my own Member of Congress.   It won’t work, because it’s based on beliefs about how insurance companies behave that fall too short of the real-world mark.

What do you think you are doing now, if not competing with insurance companies for public opinion?  (And in my opinion, they haven’t even taken the gloves off yet.)  After we fight, fight, fight for reform, what do you think the insurance companies will do if you set up a system that codifies a competition for their gravy train?

If you think these misinformation campaigns against town halls are odious, what do you think will happen in the future as a “government option” tries to continue competing with insurance companies?  They will always work the system back to their favor, as they have proven over and over again.  And they will continue to make us pay for their machinations.

This reminds me of The Lord of the Rings, where the Council of Elrond tries to decide what to do with the Ring of Power:  If they try to hide or bury it, it will always resurface, making the darkness stronger than before.  If they try to wield the Ring themselves, even a well-meaning wielder will inevitably be corrupted.  The only way to restore the world for the good, even though it is a choice almost beyond hope, is to destroy the Ring.  (This has, in our household, given rise to many jokes about the alternate book Tolkien would be writing now — The End of Middle Earth:  Frodobama Chooses the Public Option Instead.)

Are you prepared to fight escalating battles with well-honed insurance interest machines for the rest of your term(s) and beyond?  Because that will be your legacy if you do not fight this battle to win it now, meaning, ending private insurance as we know it.

You hear from a lot of people who don’t want to lose their employer-based private insurance.  Let me give voice to the opposing viewpoint:  whatever else you do, please, please free us from the overwhelming burden of private insurance interests.

I do not want private insurance!

I say this as someone with FEHBP just like you:  I don’t want insurers in that system. They have ruined it.  They have rigged the rules to their favor.  They have corrupted the OPM, the government agency that is supposed to be monitoring them.  You cannot compete with a force like this.

I don’t want a menu of private insurance “options” to choose from.  What is the point of choosing from a complicated menu of “gottchas”?   What is the point of having a choice between 5 visits for this and 10 visits for that?  Wouldn’t you want a plan that just covered the care you need?  Like every other advanced nation on earth provides?

What is the point even of making insurance companies take people with pre-existing conditions?   The fundamental problem is that insurance companies don’t honor their contracts. Large, moneyed insurance companies spend considerable resources figuring out how to avoid honoring their contracts.  Nothing in any of the proposed reforms comes even close to dealing with this problem.  Tighter regulations are not the answer, because insurance companies simply work around them, as their track record demonstrates.  They wield our legal system like a knife.  Even if the rules aren’t changed ostensibly to their favor, they work the actual implementation to their favor.

Please, offer the skeptics something SPECIFIC that is better and more secure than what they have, so that they can stop reacting from fear.  Because if you predicate reform on keeping private insurance as it is, you will doom reform to failure.

I support you, but I’m having trouble being supportive of a push for this “public option” that not only dooms healthcare reform to failure, but essentially keeps us on the same destructive track I voted for you to change.

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Insurance companies getting TARP money?!!!!

Posted by ajspage on May 15, 2009

But first they should have to answer this one question:

Why do they hate America so much????

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Solve Iraq AND Healthcare

Posted by ajspage on May 13, 2009

My dictionary has all the answers, it’s amazing.

par.a.site  n. An organism that grows and feeds on a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

When parasites are very successful, they kill the host.

Maybe you see where I’m going with this.

Let’s bring our troops home and send our private insurance companies to Iraq instead.  Their mission:  insure the terrorists.

Yep, they’re gonners.

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Time capsule: Don’t Raise Interest Rates — Or Else (I Might Write You Another Letter)!

Posted by ajspage on April 13, 2009

I just found this letter that I wrote to Nancy Pelosi — in 2005!!  Yes, 2005.  Sadly prophetic.  And sadly unanswered — too angry to deserve an answer I suppose, but not angry enough to get a visit from the nice folks in Homeland Security.  (I’ve edited out some superfluous stuff, like concerns about the security of the vote — old news.  And the disaster I mentioned — remember Katrina?  Not old news.  Oh, and raising interests rates won’t help me anymore, sadly, my personal piggy bank crumbled with the country’s.)

So my question is:  what is a Conservative today, except NOT fiscally conservative?  (Okay, that was just a rhetorical question.  The answer has been settled for way too long.)

Please thank the Honorable Nancy Pelosi for naming the corruption and cronyism of this administration.

I’m tired of Republicans treating this country like their own private piggy bank that they can shake down whenever they want as if it will never crack.

FEMA used to be a good agency.  I watched them give the American people about as good a return on their investment as could be expected until this administration.  The scope of this disaster cried out more than ever to have lessons learned from previous disasters applied, and they have not been.  Don’t let them get away with saying that there is anything about this disaster, even the scope, that excuses the shambles FEMA was and is in.  If anything, it was more important than ever to apply lessons from previous disasters.  Don’t let them get away with saying, “we will learn for the next disaster.”  IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO LEARN FOR *THIS* DISASTER!  There have been plenty of disasters before this one, lessons have not been applied, and there is still plenty of time to take charge and do things right.  It could start TODAY!  Many thousands of people’s lives and productivity, hang in the balance.

As much as raising interest rates would help me personally in the future, how much pressure is the Fed under to keep raising them by this administration?   Do they think people really buy the argument that the economy is heating up and rates need to continue to be raised to keep inflation in check?  (That interest rates have ANYTHING to do right now with rising energy prices or that it’s in this country’s best interest to make credit as expensive as possible?!!)

I’m sorry to send such a cranky email, I’m tired of having to watch helplessly as a bunch of bullies and goons flush our beautiful country down the tubes for their own selfish gains.  I’m tired of having them sully the name of God and Christianity by associating their actions and party with it.  [Note for you Godless heathens:  The only thing that drove Jesus to physical violence was people using the church for their own selfish monetary gain…]

FEMA was flushed for what?  For two years now, my relatives in [anti-war European country] can’t send me food packages of pre-packaged, grocery-store bought foods — for SECURITY REASONS per this administration — and uninspected container ships arrive daily from some of the shakiest parts of the world.   Keeping this country safe from specialty foods sent for allergic children!  Wow! That’s money well spent in the fight against terror!

I apologize once again for my sarcasm and bitterness.  I love this country; thank you for doing everything in your power to defend its future as a great nation.

Whatever the road that got us here, we can no longer afford this war.  I do not want to see us collapse into a third-world backwater, we are better than this.  Thank you for doing everything in your power to bring our troops home soon.  Press this administration for the plan — rerun footage of Bush promising never to send our troops into harms way without an exit strategy if you have to, and make him give it to you!

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